The Team

The Team

The Team

The team at Northern Spinal & Sports Injury Clinic are dedicated to providing the utmost health and wellbeing solutions.

Operating on a philosophy of getting you better faster, for longer, we provide only the highest quality services and products, and one of the best services we offer is our people.

Each onsite specialist is an experienced in their respective field, having received accreditation as an Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Podiatrist. Not only do they work spectacularly as individuals, but they also shine as a team, having joined forces on numerous occasions to plan and manage treatment for specific conditions.

Dr Jarrod Alivizatos

Osteopath & Clinical Director

B.Sci (Clinical Sci), M.HlthSci (Osteo), MAOA

Northern Spinal & Sports Injury Clinic founder, Dr Jarrod Alivizatos, strongly believes that, through his work he can assist with the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself. His sheer dedication to wellbeing and unparalleled industry knowledge, make him one of our greatest assets. Jarrod has previously worked in rehabilitation programs for two major AFL clubs. With his multidisciplinary team, Jarrod achieves fantastic results in musculoskeletal medicine.

Dr Greg Hagi


B.Sci (Clinical Sci), M.HlthSci (Osteo)


Greg has always had a keen interest in anatomy, physiology and medicine and was thrilled he found that he’d be able to explore these areas to help people through Ostewhen opathy.

Greg completed a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Sciences) in 2009 and his Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy) in 2011 at Victoria University.

In his spare time Greg trains and competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Due to this experience, Greg has a keen interest in treating injuries relating to Jiu Jitsu and other martial arts (Judo, MMA, Muay Thai, Karate etc) because he knows how hard it can be to explain the context and injuries to a medical professional that doesn’t understand what it involves.

Greg finds it extremely rewarding helping people to overcome pain and dysfunction, he is also particularly experienced when it comes to treating headaches, migraines and jaw pain.

Dr Brendan Toh

Osteopath & Clinical Director

B.Sci (Clinical Sci), M.HlthSci (Osteo), B.Sc (Physiology)


Brendan came about in the profession after seeing an osteopath for a shoulder injury obtained at the gym. He was impressed by the holistic approach the osteopath took in treating his shoulder and was interested in the profession.

Because of that holistic approach, Brendan approaches each individual case in the similar manner, taking a detailed history and examination to obtain an appropriate treatment plan. Because of his own prior experience with a shoulder injury, Brendan enjoys treating shoulder conditions.

Prior to becoming an osteopath Brendan studied a science degree majoring in physiology. This would further lead him into studying osteopath for five years.

Brendan has worked in the past with football teams as a sports trainer helping assist and manage sports injuries obtained by players. He has also worked in an orthopaedic hospital in Mumbai looking at common knee and shoulder injuries.

Brendan’s hobbies involve resistant weight training and Brazilian jiu jitsu. During his time off he enjoys exploring cafes in melbourne with his three dogs. he is also a supporter of the dees.

favourite quote: Don’t Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much Of Today

Matthew Nicastri


BHSc & BASc. (chiro)


Matt’s journey into chiropractic began with a deep-rooted interest in anatomy and human physiology. Graduating from RMIT Bundoora with dual degrees in Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic), he entered the field equipped with a solid understanding of the body’s mechanics and a passion for alleviating pain and promoting wellness.

With over a decade of experience in personal training, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge to his chiropractic practice. His background not only provides insights into the body’s capabilities but also underscores his commitment to injury prevention and rehabilitation. Specializing in sports-related injuries, Matt crafts personalized treatment plans that address immediate concerns while focusing on long-term wellness goals.

As Chiropractic Director at Northern Spinal Matt also mentors and assists the young graduates with their skills, approach and techniques.

Dr Sam Abdelmalek




Sam is an expert Podiatrist who helps people by investigating the root causes of their complaints. After diagnosing a problem Sam works with patients to help them return to activity without pain and with increased movement. Sam believes he has a responsibility to help people live healthier and more fulfilling lives through his knowledge of biomechanics and sports medicine.

Dr Matthew Fieschi


B.HlthSci, B.AppSci (Osteo)


Matthew has always been interested in anatomy, medicine and healthcare and together with his own experiences playing football and dealing with sporting injuries, helped direct him towards assisting others with Osteopathy.

He is driven and motivated to achieve the best results for his patients, with his treatment and management tailored to each individual patient to offer a high level of personalised care. He enjoys building relationships with his patients and provides the advice and guidance needed to achieve positive outcomes.

Matthew enjoys treating a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints and welcomes patients of all ages, but has particular interest in injury rehabilitation, headache management and postural correction.


Dr Leticia Kemp


B.HlthSci, M.HlthSci (Osteo)


Leticia completed her Masters of Osteopathy at Victoria University in Melbourne. Leticia’s motto is “health for life”. She enjoys being able to assist a patient’s pain and movement throughout their life to achieve their health goals and get them back to doing what they love.

Leticia provides individualised treatment and management programs involving both hands-on treatment and exercise rehabilitation. She enjoys empowering patients to have an active role in their recovery by providing strategies that they can implement for injury management, recovery and general wellbeing outside of the consult.

Leticia treats a wide range of conditions including neck pain, back pain, headaches, postural correction, chronic pain, sporting and workplace injuries. Her treatment includes soft tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, joint mobility techniques, stretching, shockwave therapy and exercise rehabilitation.

Ryan Ly

Ryan Ly

Exercise Physiologist

B.ExcHlthSci, M.ClinExcSci


Completed a Bachelor’s of Exercise and Health Science from the Australian Catholic University followed by a Masters of Clinical Exercise Science and Rehabilitation from Victoria University.

Ryan has an interest in Brazilian jiu jitsu and resistance training, achieving his black belt in 2022 as well as a black belt in Taekwondo in 2012.

Coming from a martial arts background, Ryan has a great understanding of how injuries occur during training allowing for a quicker and more specialised treatment.

Ryan believes in using exercise as a tool to treat pain and improve function, with exercise being the best way to improve quality of life in the long term.

Outside of the clinic, Ryan enjoys spending his time training, reading/watching manga and anime, and relaxing at cafes.


Liam Johns


B.ExcSci, M.Phty


Alongside his Masters in Physiotherapy Liam has also attained a Bachelor in Exercise science, allowing him to combine hands on treatment with evidence based exercise rehabilitation to focus on long-term results.

Having worked for multiple years in the football community at both Coburg VFL and Laurimar FC, Liam has seen an extensive range of sporting injuries and conditions. Despite one’s background he is passionate about helping people move and get back to doing the things they love as soon as possible whether it be sport, gardening or simply walking the dog.

Liam has also previously worked on an orthopaedic ward as a physiotherapy assistant in the hospital system, which has given him great experience in managing and rehabilitating hip and knee replacements.

Outside of the clinic, Liam enjoys the frustrations of being an Essendon supporter and playing local cricket.


Nam Phan


B.HSci, M.Phty


Nam Phan graduated with a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Physiology) from the University of Melbourne before moving on to complete his Master of Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney.

Nam adopts a holistic approach when treating patients, where he utilizes manual therapy, targeted exercise programs and exploration of lifestyle factors to face the injury from all fronts. Having reached an elite level of competitive powerlifting, Nam has dealt with an extensive list of his own injuries that allows him to empathise with his patients and provide great insight into the recovery process and further preventative measures.

Outside the clinic, Nam enjoys training, spending time with his family and friends and his newfound hobby of baking sourdough bread.

David Bayldon


B.Sci (Phty)


A recent arrival to Australia from Hong Kong where I had practiced as a Physiotherapist for 27 years. I always had a strong interest in sports, and have had the opportunity to gain extensive hands-on experience covering a wide variety of sports.

In Hong Kong I worked with national teams representing Hong Kong in Tennis, Cricket, Hockey, and Rugby at competitions in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, UAE, Brunei, Thailand, and the Philippines. I have also covered APGA golf tournaments and ATP tennis tournaments in China, Thailand, and Hong Kong.When not on a sports field I worked closely with orthopedic surgeons in rehabilitation of clients with conditions and injuries from head to foot.

Experience has taught me to pay attention to more than only the obvious problem in front of me. I have learned to take a holistic approach to all clients in treating the whole person and working with them to achieve their best.

Outside the Clinic I enjoy spending time with family and long walks exploring the countryside.

Fady Ghobrial


M Physio


Fady graduated with a Master’s in Physiotherapy from La Trobe University. Having performed rural health training, Fady has developed a keen interest in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions, as well as employing personalised treatment plans rooted in evidence based practices.

Fady employs a “all-round” approach with his patients, utilising manual therapy techniques, exercise prescription and addressing external factors that may be affecting his patient’s quality of life.

Outside the clinic, Fady enjoys motorsports, training, cooking and spending time with his family.

Deniz Unal




Deniz holds a double degree in Health Science/Applied Science from RMIT University, establishing profound connections within both academia and familial roots in the field of Osteopathy. Influenced by an elder sister actively engaged in the profession, Deniz embarked on a professional journey that ignited a lasting passion for healthcare.

Within our esteemed team, Deniz adopts a comprehensive approach to musculoskeletal care, placing emphasis on individualized treatments that integrate hands-on therapy, personalized exercises, and lifestyle guidance. Deniz, viewing
each patient as a unique individual, tailors’ treatment to suit their distinct needs.

Specific expertise in sports injuries and exercise rehabilitation is evident, demonstrated by their leadership as the Head Sports Trainer for a local football team.

Additionally, Deniz demonstrates proficiency in the application of advanced techniques, including dry needling and cupping, alongside various suitable Osteopathic methods ensuring a thorough and specialized approach to Osteopathy.