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Custom Orthotics in Reservoir

As one of Melbourne’s leading Podiatry clinics, we are conveniently located in Reservoir to help treat any feet concerns you may be having.

Our team provide care to all local Reservoir residents and surrounding communities including Bundoora, Fairfield, Watsonia, Heidelberg, Coburg, Heidelberg Heights, Macleod West, Preston, Thomastown & Thornbury.

Orthotics are customized shoe inserts that are designed to bring about positive change in the way your foot functions and feels.

Orthotics are used for a number of different reasons. It can be as simple as a basic arch support that ‘rests’ your foot while you stand – the type you see at shoe shops and pharmacies – or they might be a complex prescriptive insole that is specifically designed to alter forces acting on the body, and improve the muscle and joint activity of the person wearing them.

Because of this wide range, orthotics can be worn by anyone from children with developmental concerns, like intoeing for example, to elderly people who might have pain secondary to arthritis in one or more of their foot joints. The more complex prescriptive orthotics are usually used for athletes, and active people who develop some sort of pain or discomfort due to the fact that they are on their feet for long periods of time.

What to Expect At Your Orthotics Visit

The process of being fitted for Orthotics typically involves 4-5 steps:
  • Biomechanical Evaluation – A biomechanical assessment is used to determine weak points, instability and analyse heel contact, shock absorption, adaptation, stance, and propulsion. From this information a foot orthotic shape can be ascertained, in order to reduce pain and increase running/walking efficiency.
  • Casting – A range of casting methods and materials are used, depending on the patient case.
  • Shoe tailoring – Orthotics can be fitted in almost any shoes. Shoes hold the orthotic in the proper place on the foot, so shoes can maximize the value of an orthotic or limit it. This will be taken into account when properly fitting the orthotic and adapted to work in almost any shoe. This can be done by trimming and manipulating the orthotic
  • Fitting – Once the orthotic has been properly tailored to fit the desired shoe, some final touches will ensure the Orthotic is ready for use.
  • Follow up appointment – A follow up appointment will be booked 2-4 weeks after the final fitting. We recheck the patient’s condition using wear patterns on the orthotics, verbal feedback from the patient, and any identify changes in the walking patterns. Any adjustments or minor tweaks that are required can then be made.
Custom Orthotics in Reservoir

When to book in for an Orthotics Assessment

Theoretically speaking, everyone could benefit from wearing orthotics because very few people in the world are lucky enough to combine perfect biomechanics, a non-existent injury history and great strength in the feet and ankles

Orthotics can help everyone, particularly elite runners or athletes who may possess many of the things above, but are also looking to gain the extra 1%.

If however any of the following apply to you, the need for Orthotics may be amplified

  • Increased force loading – For example an increase in activity
  • Rehabilitation from an injury
  • Persistent injuries as a result of weak points, imbalances and biomechanics
  • Increased weight load

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