5 Health Benefits of Clinical Pilates

Health Benefits of Clinical Pilates

5 Health Benefits of Clinical Pilates

After almost a century since its conception, Pilates has become a staple of exercise, recovery, and pain treatment. For many people, Pilates programs are an incredible way to improve health and flexibility, with accessible exercises and stretches that can be adapted for all ages and levels of fitness. Clinical Pilates, however, has even more worthwhile health benefits on offer. Continue reading as we detail just a few of the ways that working with a Clinical Pilates expert could be improving your health.

This blog outlines the basics of Clinical Pilates programs, discussing just a few of the health benefits on offer. If you’re ready to start your Pilates journey, reach out to the Northern Spinal team today for your first appointment.

What is Clinical Pilates?

Originally developed during the early 20th Century, Pilates was formed as a way to improve rehabilitation programs for returning soldiers from the way, using stretching, strengthening, and stabling exercises to help them recover. Modern Pilates aims to increase flexibility and strength throughout the entire body, focusing on your core and aligning your spines to leave you feeling strong, healthy, and more energised for daily life.

Clinical Pilates works specifically with a qualified, fully trained physiotherapist. The benefit of this is that these specialists have specific knowledge and understanding surrounding the body and musculoskeletal structures. This makes Clinical Pilates a safe practice, one which can help you recover, rehabilitate, and care for your body in a non-invasive and gentle manner. Here are just a few of the demonstrated health benefits from a Clinical Pilates treatment plan:

  1. Preparing Your Body for an Office Job

If you work a desk job, or find yourself among the many now stuck working from home, you probably know the physical consequences of having to sit all day. Neck problems, back pain, poor posture, limited flexibility, and mobility… these are all things that Clinical Pilates can help treat. Getting your body as healthy as possible is the best way to counter the effects of spending day after day sat in an office chair.

  1. Pre and Post Natal Care

A tailored Clinical Pilates plan can be an effective way for many women to handle pregnancy-related pain or discomfort, as well as prepare for and recover from the stress of childbirth. Pregnancy Pilates can relieve back pain, as well as strengthening key muscles (pelvic and abdominal, for example) that undergo a lot of pressure throughout pregnancy. Pilates prepares many women for the birthing process, and postpartum recovery is made easier through gentle improvement of flexibility, posture, and muscle strength.

  1. Stress Relief

Pilates isn’t just a physical practice, it’s a mental exercise that can massively reduce your daily stress levels. No matter what has you feeling a bit run down or tense – be it work, health, or your personal life – Clinical Pilates could be a great option for you. Pilates is all about clearing your mind and focusing on the exercise, allowing you to find a centre and balance both physically and mentally. Plus, exercise is one of the best remedies to ease stress and lift spirits, so getting your physical wellbeing in order may just work wonders for the rest of your life.

  1. Injury Care

Clinical Pilates can make a powerful impact on chronic pain. If you’re recovering from serious injury, surgery, or are struggling with persistent pain problems, Pilates is certainly a treatment option worth considering. All under the safe care of a trained therapist who can tailor exercises to suit your body and health, Pilates can help you regain motor control, strengthen your muscles, and improve overall balance and flexibility.

  1. Arthritis and Osteoporosis Care

One of the biggest benefits of Clinical Pilates is how personalised it can be for every single patient. When working with a trained physiotherapist, you’re able to tailor your treatment plan to target all the specific areas your body needs – and this is the perfect system for anyone looking for care related to Arthritis or Osteoporosis pain. These conditions look different for every individual, and using Clinical Pilates to treat your discomfort means that every joint and symptom you struggle with can be specifically targeted. Pilates exercises can help relieve pain, stress, and improve overall health for people struggling with Arthritis or Osteoporosis.

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If any of these benefits are something you’re looking to work on, trying out Clinical Pilates is a logical next step for your health journey. Whether it’s to prepare for childbirth, combat Arthritis-related pain, or simply address ongoing discomfort, Pilates is a fitness plan that has proven beneficial to endless patients over the years. If you’re ready to start your Clinical Pilates journey, don’t wait another day! Book an appointment with our capable team at Northern Spinal today – you won’t regret it