8 Tips That Will Make Morning Exercise Easier

8 Morning Exercise Tips

8 Tips That Will Make Morning Exercise Easier

How You Can make Morning Exercise at The Crack Of Dawn, Part of Your Daily Routine

Most people would refuse to get out of bed early in the morning, especially for morning exercise! They say it takes 66 days to form a new habit, and that’s all this is. Forming a morning routine.

The benefits that come with a strong morning routine can create an abundance of time. If you’re someone who frequently complains that “Waking up early is so hard!”, then this post is for you.

If you follow these 8 tips, you’ll be a few steps closer to healthier and more productive life.


1- Set Your Intention

To follow through and form a new habit, you must be motivated. And to be motivated you must set your intentions, and set your goals. Give yourself a good reason to do it, this will make the whole process much easier.

Try not to make the motivation about what you have done the day before; such as, “I ate too much chocolate yesterday, so I have to work out”. This has a negative connotation, beginning to make the workout feel like a punishment. Instead, think about how it will affect you and your life. Make it about spending more time with your kids after work, or going out for dinner with the family.

Morning exercise will allow you to create this time out of thin air! Just waking up a few hours earlier can have an enormous effect on your life.


2- Plan In Advance

It is much easier to commit to a workout when you have it planned and written it down in your calendar. If it’s part of your calendar, then your subconscious mind will naturally begin to associate your workouts as part of your normal, daily routine.

If you don’t sign up in advance, you are way less likely to get up and commit to your new morning routine. This is a simple tip that doesn’t take much time to follow through on. But it can be the decider as to whether or not you wake up for your morning exercise.


3- Choose A Workout You Actually Enjoy

This is an easy one to miss, but when it comes to a.m. exercise it changes your mindset completely. If you despise a certain type of exercise, who would want to wake up for something they hate?

There are many different forms of exercise, and choosing the right one can make it that much easier to wake up in the morning. To list a few different forms of exercises you can try;

  • Gym
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Spinning Classes
  • Boxercise
  • CrossFit


4- Find A Workout Buddy

A workout buddy is another major influence. This is someone who can have a major effect on your ability to be motivated and wake up. If you have a workout buddy, you’ll be accountable to go out and exercise with them.

Having a friend to chat with also makes the experience more enjoyable, which in turn increases your likelihood of following through with the action in the first place.


5- Create an Environment That Makes Sleep Easier

Here’s an obvious one: if you want to wake up earlier, then you need to go to bed earlier. It’s extremely important that the amount of sleep you get doesn’t dip too low.

Make your bed look inviting to climb into, use soft lighting that adjusts your eyes to a darker setting and doesn’t spike your energy, stop eating two hours before bedtime, turn the TV and phone off at least an hour before bed, and set a 30-minute reminder of when to go to bed for a full eight hours of sleep.

Even stretching before you go to bed can give you a deeper, more restful sleep. You also won’t wake up feeling stiff in the morning, which is always a plus!


6- Make Yourself Physically Get Up

When you set your alarm, don’t keep it so close that you can roll over and turn it off, move it far enough away that you have to get up to turn it off, but close enough that you hear it.

This is a sneaky tip to trick yourself into getting up quickly and not just hitting the snooze several times.


7- Ease Into It

If you’re not a morning exerciser, then don’t jump all in straight away. Set weekly increments and stick to those. Then slowly build up to more sessions a week.

Also don’t begin with crazy workouts! Begin with a 15 minute workout that is rewarding but doesn’t kill you.


8- Do It Again The Next Day

This right here is the most important step. The only way to create good habits is to create good habits. Eventually, your body will crave that a.m. workout and you’ll be grateful you invested in yourself in this way.

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