Custom Orthotics Might Be A Solution To Heel Pain

Custom Orthotics for Heel Pain

Custom Orthotics Might Be A Solution To Heel Pain

Pain in the heel is incredibly common, and often many of us ignore it until it elevates into something far worse. Whether it’s general pain caused by the structure of your foot or something more serious (such as Plantar Fasciitis), it’s vital that you step in and treat your symptoms before any long-term damage is done. But when it comes to health issues such as foot pain, over the counter methods often aren’t the best solution. Read on as we discuss custom orthotics and how they may be the perfect treatment plan for your body. 


This blog will outline how custom orthotics can be an effective treatment for Plantar Fasciitis and general heel pain. If you’re suffering from any symptoms or are struggling with pain in the foot, book an appointment at Northern Spinal to see how we can help you. 


Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain 

Plantar Fasciitis is a common and often debilitating condition in the foot. Caused by excess strain on the plantar fascia, many people find that what starts out as minor heel or arch pain can lead to a painful case of Plantar Fasciitis if left untreated. With the most common cause being poor natural structure and function of the foot, custom orthotics are an amazing treatment path to both prevent and cure cases of Plantar Fasciitis.  

Given how orthotics are able to help restructure the foot (alleviating pressure on the heel, guiding the heel to arch better, etc), they are often the perfect solution to a difficult condition. The quicker you can treat your foot, the less pain you’ll suffer down the track! 


The Benefits of Custom Orthotics 

Orthotics are a common and effective treatment method nowadays. But, when heel and arch pain are often due to the individual structure of your foot, it is essential that you invest in custom-built inserts that address your specific needs. 

Custom orthotics are the treatment plan entirely tailored for you and your body. Getting fully assessed by a podiatrist entails a thorough examination of your foot structure and movement habits, finding the root cause of any pain and constructing a custom orthotic that will perfectly balance things out. 

The orthotic insert can be transferred from shoe to shoe, ensuring that no matter what you need to do you can rest assured that you won’t be doing any further damage to your body. Getting fitted for a custom orthotic is the best way to guarantee that you’re addressing the definite source of your pain. No two patients are the same – make sure that your treatment plan is built to best serve your body. 

Tips for Handling Heel Pain 

Lifestyle can play a huge role in heel pain. For many people, it can be hard to know when an issue has elevated to the point of needing to seek professional medical advice. Here’s just a few quick podiatry tips and tricks for how you can be supporting your feet to avoid damage, as well as some common cures for heel and arch pain: 


Our shoes play a massive role in the health of our feet. Ensuring that you invest in and regularly wear supportive footwear will make a big difference in your pain, particularly when it comes to the shoes we exercise and work in.  


Stretching out and massaging the soles of your feet can help to keep them healthy and strong. Even using a roller to stretch out the muscles can work wonders, and reducing tension throughout the plantar fascia is likely to help minimise pain. 


If you’re suffering sore swelling of the heel, ice is the way to go! Spending some time icing your feet in the evenings can reduce inflammation and pain. 


Routines and habits of our daily lives make a huge impact on our health and overall physical wellbeing. Take note of when and where you feel pain – are there patterns? Do you notice symptoms during particular times of your day? Make adjustments where you can, particularly if you carry heavy loads or participate in workouts that seem to be worsening your foot pain. 


Book an Appointment to see if Custom Orthotics are Right for You 

When pain insists, you need to step in before anything gets worse. Whether you’re looking to prevent your heel pain from progressing into something more serious or whether you’re seeking to cure your Plantar Fasciitis, a full examination from a podiatrist is the way to go.

Our team at Northern Health is ready to provide a complete assessment to see if custom orthotics are the best treatment option for you. Don’t let anything progress – take a step in the right direction for your health, and book an appointment today.

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