How To Make Your Home Office More Ergonomic

home office ergonomics in Melbourne

How To Make Your Home Office More Ergonomic

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many people have swapped the office for their kitchen table or study nook. Unfortunately, home office settings do not always provide appropriate back or neck support, leading to discomfort, strained muscles, headaches and more.

Below are some posture and routine tips to make working from home a more enjoyable experience. Making your home office more ergonomic can decrease strain on your body and increase your work efficiency and productivity.

Alternate your posture regularly

Sitting in the same position for a long period of time can cause strain on your back, neck and shoulders. Try to regularly change your posture each hour of your working day. It may be helpful to move workspace entirely. For example, alternate between standing, sitting at the kitchen table and sitting on your couch.

Sit on a thin pillow

A chair can make a world of difference to the comfort of your home office. A thin pillow or soft towel on a hard chair can increase comfort instantly.

Placing a blanket or towel over the back of your chair may also contribute to comfort, making your chair feel more luxurious.

Lumbar Support from a towel

Lumbar support is an important factor in reducing lower back pain. If you’re in a hard chair or car seat, roll up a towel and place it between the chair and your lower back for additional support.

Elevate your feet

Elevating your feet while sitting is a low impact stretch that adjusts your body’s position. To increase circulation and comfort when sitting, try raising your legs to a 90-degree angle in a supported position. 

Raise your screen

Looking down to a laptop can cause unnecessary stress and strain on your neck. A simple adjustment by raising the top of the monitor to just below eye level may alleviate this problem. You do not need an elaborate or costly device to achieve this as a pile of books or a shoebox is sufficient. 

Take allocated breaks

At the office, a walk in the park with others or to get lunch breaks up the day. Working from home alone, however, it can be easy to work on your laptop for eight hours without moving! Taking allocated breaks is still important for your physical and mental health. If you are likely to forget, set an alarm or reminder. Doing some stretches, playing with your dog, calling a friend or going for a quick walk around the block is the perfect way to have a break.


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