Shin Splints. What Are They And How Can We Help?

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Shin Splints. What Are They And How Can We Help?

Are your legs tender after exercise? Not the ‘no pain, no gain’ kind of feeling, a soreness that seems to be inside the bone, perhaps coupled with mild swelling. Do you find relief in ice, rest and pain killers? You may need to seek care from a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath.

Pain felt anywhere along the shinbone—a common term that actually refers to the two bones in the lower leg—is usually referred to as shin splints. Typically, the pain is felt before, during or after running and particularly when participating in activities that involve repeated stopping and starting, or sports that are played on hard surfaces. Other symptoms include aches and pains along the shinbone, which can be tender and sore to touch.

Shin splints, sometimes considered a sports injury, is a condition that affects around 10% of runners, and up to 20% of dancers. And for those just starting an exercise program, the incidence can be significantly higher—affecting as many as 1 in 3. It’s recommended you see a sports physiotherapist or sports chiropractor to help diagnose the condition.

According to Victoria’s Better Health Channel, the exact cause of shin splints is unknown. It could be either a stress reaction from the bone, or inflammation of the bone caused by the force exerted by the tendons and muscles. Whatever the cause, there’s no doubt about how painful it can be. If left untreated, the pain can become so intense that it can prevent you from exercising and may progress to a stress fracture.

At Northern Spinal & Sports Injury Clinic, when we treat shin splints, we focus not just on reducing the pain, but on treating the underlying cause. As with every condition, we conduct a full biomechanical assessment and observe the way your body moves—we’re trying to identify technique or movements that may be at the heart of the problem. Once we’ve made a diagnosis, we focus on reducing tension in the leg’s deep muscles and also on reducing the inflammation. We’ll also work with you to improve your postural balance, to prevent shin and knee pain.

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