What Does a Sports Chiropractor do?

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What Does a Sports Chiropractor do?

Whether you’re a professional athlete or sports is a casual hobby, physical activity makes up a huge part of our lives. Exercise is crucial for our wellbeing, but injuries and accidents can often be inevitable when it comes to partaking in regular activity. It’s natural to hit roadblocks in our fitness journeys, but injury doesn’t need to turn into a long hiatus from sports we love. So long as we access treatment quickly and put the time in to find the best care for our individual needs, the path back to health can be an easy one!

When it comes to sporting injuries, a sports chiropractor is often the way to go. With treatment plans tailored to individual athletes, this unique form of chiropractic care works as an effective method for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Getting care from a sports chiropractor is an investment for a long life of safe physical activity.

This blog will explain the basics of sports chiropractic care and the conditions a sports chiropractor is trained to treat. For personalised advice on your injury and treatment plan, visit Northern Spinal Sports.

What is a Sports Chiropractor?

A sports chiropractor has a unique set of skills to help not only rehabilitate athlete’s injuries or ongoing difficulties, but also help guide a patient to better their overall health and prevent the likelihood of future incidents occurring. A chiropractor will work with both professional and recreational athletes to help them gain a better understanding of their body and how it works, as well as treating specific injuries that may be holding someone back from performing at their best.

How is a Sport Chiropractor Different from a General Chiro?

An appointment with a sports chiropractor may look a bit different from meeting with your general chiropractor. With a specific interest in working with athletes, a sports chiropractor will examine the mechanics of your entire body, focussing on athletic movement and what adjustments may better your physical wellbeing. Often a sports chiropractor will perform a full biomechanical exam to understand what your body needs best from head to toe.

Unlike a general chiropractor, a sports chiropractor will often be concerned with things such as combination of muscle release techniques (including dry needling), mobilisations, manipulation (where appropriate), strength programs, mobility work and orthotics

What Conditions can a Sports Chiropractor Treat?

More often than not, sports injuries are either a result of repetitive overuse or direct trauma from a specific incident. Treatment may take many different forms, ultimately working to both reduce pain and prevent further injury in the long run as you return to your physical activity. With such a broad range of treatment plans and options within sports chiropractic care, just about any sports-related pain can be taken to a sports chiro. Here are a few of the most common conditions treated:

Benefits of Visiting a Sports Chiropractor

So, why choose a sports chiropractor? The most important thing when rehabilitating yourself through any injury or ongoing pain is to find the type of treatment that is going to work best for you and your body. Here are just a few perks of sports chiropractic care, and why it may be the clearest path to getting your body back in full working condition:

  • Tailored care
  • Improved treatment outcomes
  • Preventing and reducing the risk of further injury
  • Full examination of body and mechanics
  • Advice to strengthen your athletic ability
  • Treatment from somebody who understands how to best protect an athlete’s body

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Even the smallest injuries can have devastating long-term effects if left untreated. Finding the best form of rehabilitation for you, and finding it quickly, is the only way you can be confident that you’re taking care of your body. If you’re a professional, recreational, or weekend athlete looking for injury treatment, booking an appointment with a sports chiropractor is the way to go.

Northern Spinal Sports has a team ready to help find the tailored care plan that’s going to work best for you, whether that’s healing from an accident or preventing further injury down the track. Reach out today to book an appointment and see how we can help you on your fitness journey.

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