Reformer Pilates: What Is It And How Can It Help Me?

What is Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates: What Is It And How Can It Help Me?

Resisting the temptation to try Pilates? With Reformer Pilates, there’s no need to hold yourself back…

You’ve been thinking of starting Pilates for a while, but you’ve yet to take the plunge. Something’s holding you back. Perhaps it’s an injury that you’re concerned about aggravating. Maybe you’re worried you won’t be able to do the exercises. On the other hand, perhaps you have tried Pilates before and found it doesn’t give some of your muscles the vigorous workout you crave.

If any of the above rings a bell, you should consider Reformer Pilates. It’s hard to imagine Pilates without a mat but, believe it or not, you can practice Pilates on a machine!

In Mat Pilates, the form you’re probably most familiar with, you learn to control the weight of your body with specific exercises that help your core muscles tone and strengthen. Reformer Pilates is different. It incorporates the concept of being able to vary the resistance with which you work, and that’s what makes it all things to all people.

Performed entirely on specialist machines called reformers, Reformer Pilates is perfect for those who are just starting out and want to learn how to control their powerhouse muscles without putting them under the strain of supporting the full weight of the body.

It’s ideal too for those who are recovering from injury. Not only can the resistance be gradually increased as strength grows, the reformer can make strength conditioning safe even for those with a limited range of motion.

At the other extreme, anyone wanting to really target and build specific muscle groups can simply add extra resistance to the reformer and increase the intensity with which they train.

With such flexibility, the advantages in toning and sculpting your body are clear. At Northern Spinal and Sports Injury Clinic, our Reformer Pilates sessions are offered as part of our treatment regime and aim to improve flexibility, posture, strength and develop control and overall endurance in the body. Together with a tailored treatment plan, reformer pilates can help restore regular movement to your body.

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